Personal training for from40s

At RioGym Hiroo, the professional trainers who have physiotherapist license will safely support diet / body makeup / posture correction / rehabilitation for people in their 40s and seniors according to customer’s request.


Why for from40s?

It is said that the human body peaks in its twenties, and with aging, the number of people who experience a decrease in muscle mass, a decrease in basal metabolic rate, and physical pain / discomfort increases.

At RioGym Hiroo, all trainers have a physiotherapist (national qualification) license, and since the training plan is constructed after detailed evaluation and analysis of the customer’s body from a medical point of view, it is safe and reliable to meet the customer’s request.

Rio Gym’s strengths

・Medical approach by a physiotherapist trainer
・ “Body care” before and after training
・ “Core training” for who are not good at exercising
・Rehabilitation menu after injury / illness
・Available for English


▼Normal gym
Training ⇄ Stretch
Stretch ➡️ Training ➡️ Body Care (Fascia Release / Massage)

At RioGym, a physiotherapist trainer provides body care before and after training, so we maintain the customer’s body safely and securely and promote the synergistic effect of training.


Who is the suitable person for RioToRe?

Losing weight

Getting a cool or beautiful body

Improving posture (Improvement for slouching, Bowlegs, etc)

Curing stiff shoulders and low back pain

Getting rid of chronic fatigue

People who do not want to take strict workout

Further improvement of competitive ability

Rehabilitate against to the aftereffects of injury and disability

Workout for prevention against injuries

Short-term intensive course

1 month / 8 times ¥96,000 (¥12,000)
2 months / 16 times ¥176,000 (¥11,000)
3 months / 24 times 216,000 (¥9,000)◀︎Highly recommend
Admission fee ¥ 22,000
Trial ¥ 6,000


Continuation course

Twice a month ¥26,000 (¥13,000)
4 times a month 44,000 (¥11,000)◀︎Highly recommend
6 times a month ¥63,000 (¥10,500)
8 times a month ¥76,000 (¥9,500)
Admission fee ¥ 22,000
Trial ¥ 6,000